Is It Just Cat Dandruff Or Something Else?

A lot of us are familiar with human dandruff. Dandruff is something that cats themselves can also get. Cat dandruff is apparent with cats, when they begin to exhibit "flakes" sitting on their fur, and while dry skin is normal, there are in fact times when dandruff in both humans and cats is a symptom of some ailment that is more serious. Diets that are lacking in the proper nutrition, extremely cold weather, allergies from the environment or to certain foods, sunburn, seborrhea, incorrect or insufficient grooming, diabetes, "walking dandruff" or Cheyletiellosis (from the Cheyletiellosis mite) are all possible causes behind cat dandruff. Likewise, infections from fungus, environments where the humidity is low, and other parasites like fleas can all give cats dandruff.


What Are The Symptoms Of Cat Dandruff?


Symptoms of cat dandruff can be very obvious. Just like dandruff in humans, cat dandruff can first become obvious through the dandruff flakes that sit on the fur of cats. These can resemble thin, whitish and tiny dots or dry "flakes" that are usually spread throughout the head region, including the area in between the ears. It really depends on what is causing your cats dandruff, but dandruff flakes for cats are also often itchy. Another symptom is inflammation in the skin, which can show itself in the form of skin that is pinkish or red. With feline diabetes, symptoms can be accompanied by frequent urination and excessive thirst, loss of appetite, unexplained weight loss, and in certain cases, a cats breath smelling of acetone.


Treatment for Cat Dandruff


If you suspect that your cat is suffering from feline diabetes or any of the abovementioned possible causes, see to it that you bring your cat to the vet, for a correct diagnosis. Sometimes, the problem is just dietary, and can be corrected by placing a cat on a diet with better protein content, one that is high in Omega 3 fatty acids. Sunburn in cats can be rectified using steroids that are either oral or topical (prescription). For seborrhea, there are medicated shampoos that are available over at Finally, for dry weather (winter season), consider using a humidifier. If your cat is suffering from feline diabetes, your cat may need insulin shots. Your cats vet should be able to best advise you regarding this matter.


My Cat Is Losing Hair


If your cat has cat dandruff and is also losing hair, it is possible that your cat is suffering from different problems, among which are alopecia or hair loss in cats, stress, allergies, hyperthyroidism, ringworms, or hormonal imbalance. It is normal for cats to lose hair or "shed" to a certain extent, but if your cat is losing more hair than normal (or beyond intervals that are regular), then it may be time to get your cat checked by the vet.



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